5 in 1 Multifunctional Life Hammer
What is it?
This is a multi-functional life hammer which saves lives and to prevent accidents from happening.    click to download more information about our life hammers
Why you must have it?
You may be shocked to know that annually over thousands of people are involved in auto accidents. You must know airbags and safety belts are lifesaving aids, but when your vehicle is in unexpected situations, the releases for these devices may not work properly, when no one else is around to help, our life hammer is a must, this great rescue tool could help you and others escape, your chances of surviving life threatening auto accident mishaps would be extremely good.
Saving your own life or your loved one’s or someone else’s is serious business, this few investment will give you "peace of mind" while in the car.

I. Description
* Product name: 5 in 1 Life hammer, also named Safety hammer, Emergency hammer, Car Emergency flashlight
* Category: Lighting & Auto escape tools
* Item no.: SFF-10
* Size: 195xφ40mm
* Packing: Blister or Color box
* Certificate: CE & ROHS
5 in 1 multi-functional life hammer    Specification of 5 in 1 multi-functional life hammer

Five Features
  • Window Spike - Hammer with hardened steel points to break the windows quickly to escape in case the door is jammed.
  • Seat Belt Cutter - Razor sharp blade cuts seat belt in seconds to free trapped passengers.
  • Flashing Light Beacon - It is a tool to flag down passing vehicles by to ask for help. It also helps in alerting passing cars on your existence when you are changing the tire at the side of the road. (works for 72 hours non-stop).
  • Flashlight - The ultra brightness LED flashlight is useful to find your way in darkest places. White LED light is used instead of yellow because this eases the user in identifying blood on the victim.
  • Magnetic Base - It can be absorbed on the car (any iron objects), it’s very convenient no matter in flashing warning condition or in emergency lighting condition.
  • Additional: Water proof, you may use it while raining!

    II. How to use this life hammer?
  • Take out from the vehicle console, map pocket or glove box
  • Cut jammed safety belt
  • Break jammed windows
  • Stick on the car roof, switch on the flashing LED
  • Light when in dark (switch on the flashlight)
    step 1 - using life hammer step 2 - using life hammer step 3 - using life hammer
    step 4 - using life hammer step 5 - using life hammer step 6 - using life hammer

    III. Packing of 5 in 1 multifunctional life hammer

    Packing of life hammer

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