Heat detectors

Heat detector are sensitive to any significant change in temperature. They are useful in places where smoke detectors have a high rate of nuisance alarms, such as a kitchen. They are also useful in areas of the home where smoke alarms cannot function effectively because it is too hot or cold.
Recommended locations to install heat detectors: kitchens, store room, basement, and areas of closed surrounding.       click to download more information about heat detectors

Features of our Heat detectors

  • Alarm test button, LED indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • Supplied with 9V battery, wall plugs, screws & users manual
  • Cannot be fitted with battery missing
  • Can be use with our RF base for wireless interconnection
  • 5 years guarantee

  • Model SSA-H-01 SSA-H-02
    Power supply 9V DC or 9V DC&220~240V AC 12~24V DC
    Alarm sound at 3m ≥85db ≥85db
    Static current <10μA 40μA~80μA
    Alarm current ≤15mA ≤15mA
    Working humidity ≤95%RH ≤90%RH
    Low battery alarm
    Net connection with RF base √ (only)
    Size (mm) ø106 x 46 ø106 x 52
    Alarm sensitivity +60ºC or as ordered +65ºC or as ordered
    Remark Other power voltage, or specific requiments are available
    SSA-H-01 heat detector


    SSA-H-02 heat detector


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